About the Project

Welcome to Grand Tour Project, a wonderful app for your mobile devices

What if you could have one the most beautiful places in the world right in the palm of your hand?
Wouldn’t it be nice to see all the marvels of Venice, Rome, Naples and Milan on the surface of your tablet without even travelling there?
If so, you are most welcome to the Grand Tour Project, a totally new way to discover Italy and its locations in all their magnificency!

With our app (available both for iOS and Android devices) you will be able to buy and watch tons of short films regarding the most notorious italian places, from Rialto Bridge in Venice to Verona’s Arena, from Navona Square to the glorious ruins of the Roman empire in the capital.
You will see and learn directly in your smartphone and in the language you prefer (english, french,  german and of course italian).
The contents are streamed directly to your mobile device, without the hassle of downloading files; choose from the crisp visuals of High Definition  videos or the more light-weighted low resolution ones. All of them are available even with subtitles in order to be of help to those who can’t hear but want to learn more about Italy and its culture.

You may even share your personal choices with all your friends, thanks to a strict social-network integration, judge all the contents and let your contacts know where you’ve been.
It’s a brand new way to join the best things from the past to the newest progresses in mobile technology, all at the price of an… espresso!

Enjoy the Grand Tour Project. It’s Italy,in your pocket!


Yeah but why the word “Project“?

Simply because Italy, according to UN sources, has the greatest number of UNESCO sites and tons of marvellous places to visit and appreciate.
Our venture can only be a “project”, something that enlarges with time, with each visit in cultural places.
As soon as we get the rights to shoot our movies, we put them into our catalog in order you may enjoy more and more our beatiful country.
Furthermore, there’s another meaning behind this choice.
We think it’s useless to come to see Italy and just take a look at Ponte Vecchio in Florence or the Colosseum in Rome; Italy it’s not just made of those wonderful sites!
There’s a huge number of touristic sites that are REALLY worth a look! It’s the real goal of our “project”: get to know Italy far more than its touristic stereotypes. 

That’s ok. And what about the team?

  • Director, editor, musician, programmer assistant, author and researcher: these tasks are entrusted to Riccardo Santato, creator of the project. After graduating in 2002, he has been working mainly for the family company where he is the sales manager and owner. A great passion for the cinema and a great love for the Italian culture represent the basis of the creation of this new software.
  • The main programmer and web developer Pietro Bello.
    Formerly Chief Operating Officer at Sistemi e Informatica s.r.l. of Rovigo, Pietro has a respectable track record in developing SQL database and IT solutions, with collaborations at national (Valigeria Roncato) and international level (DotaCinema and LiveWorkshop).
  • The development and research of historical sources are entrusted to Erica Tonin.
    After working for brands and publishers such as Warner Bros, Winx Club, Play Press Editions, Giochi Preziosi, she became head of public relations of the Grand Tour Project, as well as curator of the subtitles.
  • Photographs, web-design and distribution of the application through social networks are entrusted to Andrea Tonin. Professional photographer, he has been working in the IT field since 1997, alternating software production with the creation of graphics for important networks as MTV and RAI. Co-producer of the software for construction pre-visualization “3D GeniuX”, for the Grand Tour Project  he is also 3D modeler and animator.


Santato Riccardo


The creator of Grand Tour Project. Riccardo has a degree in art and history and he is a skilled music composer.

Andrea Tonin

Web Master, Photographer

Andrea has been working in technology and media industry since 1997. He worked for famous brands like Hello Kitty, WinX Club, Tweety, The Incredible Hulk. He is a skilled 3D Artist, photographer and Web Designer.

Pietro Bello


Pietro has over 15 years of working experience in backend development and databases management.

Erica Tonin


Erica worked for famous brands like Hello Kitty, WinX Club, Tweety, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man, Bat Man and others. For the Grand Tour Project she is working as copywriter and in public relationship.